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What Is A Life Coach?

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What Is A Life Coach? Discovering Your Best Self: Understanding Life Coaches Seeking more purpose, fulfillment, and balance? Eager to set ambitious goals and finally achieve them? A professional life coach may be the key. But in a sea of health gurus and self-help strategies, what exactly is a life coach and could working with […]

This Blog Won’t Change Your Life

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This Blog Will Not Change Your Life I’ve heard many people say “that changed my life!”  Well… I doubt it.  Most people don’t change, and that’s because change takes hard and sometimes painful work that most people are averse to.  Many are stuck in a survival mode, but every so often we get glimpses of […]

The Difference Between a Coach and a Therapist

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The Difference Between a Coach and a Therapist Coaches and therapists both have the goal of improving the quality of your life, but work in different ways.  I’ve been both, so I’ll give a general overview of their styles, and let you know why I’ve chosen to pursue coaching.   Therapists hope that with more […]