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about Tobin Felfe

I love when challenges provide opportunity for growth and development.  Nothing thrills me more, whether I am working on my business, working on myself, or working with clients to help them develop.  Looking back on the choices I’ve made, it’s been clear that starting my Denver Life Coach practice has been in the works all along.


After I graduated college, my twenties were full of adventure backpacking and living abroad.  One notable time that peaked my interest in business was building and running a bar with some friends I made in Berlin.  And though exciting, I chose to return to California to work in the film industry.  It didn’t take me long to realize I had no passion for the industry, so I started a business running filmmaking camps for kids in Southern California (IncrediFlix).  My programs took off and I expanded across the country.


During this time some friends invited me to Burning Man, which opened my eyes to so much that was missing in my life.  Next they pulled me into a coaching group led by Breck Costin, where I found his work so fascinating and inspiring, that I realized I wanted to do what he was doing.  So while working on my summer camp business, I went to graduate school and got my Masters Degree in Psychology, and after completing my 3,000 hours, I received my license as a Marriage and Family Therapist in California. 


Eventually, I had to make a decision between my business and my coaching/therapy practice, because my wife and I were having a baby, and I couldn’t juggle everything.  I chose to pursue my business, because it was the more stable income to support a family at the time, and I never wanted to be in a position where I would want to hold onto a client for financial reasons.  I did however, continue to work with a handful of clients and that spark never faded. So when my business was doing well enough for my employees to take over, I decided to start my Denver Life Coach practice (and I’ll continue to see clients online from around the country).


I’ve had an amazing journey with lots of ups and downs in both family and career, but through it all there’s been a lot of joy, because I’ve been committed to my own growth.  I continue to be coached, as I’ll always hold myself to the same standards I hold my clients to.